Leading the implementation of a new branding on digital platforms

As the digital team leader, I was in charge of implementing QVC new branding on our digital platforms. The rebrand, developed in the US was an excellent opportunity for my team to refresh and improve our designs, making them more consistent and impactful.

The US rebrand pack didn't include guidelines on how to use the new branding online so I worked on style guides to help the designers create consistent web assets and follow the same best practices.

As a guiding principle, I wanted to make sure the website would be clear and clean, and the content we produce would always be accessible and web compliant.

New branding elements

The rebrand introduced a fresh colour palette, new fonts and graphic elements such as a square box that my team would use to create the content for our digital platforms. The sophisticated new colour palette helped us create a more premium look and feel. Combined with good use of typography and the box element, we were able to design more impactful assets.

Developing our guidelines

I used the team wiki to create a set of principles and rules for my team to follow to improve the digital experience and consistency of the assets while allowing the designers enough creativity and flexibility.

Using text

Fashion categories

Masking the box

Box added to imagery

Leverage photography white space

New In panel

Creating new assets for the team

To improve our design process and productivity, I also created libraries of assets based on the new guidelines for recurring promotions such as the QVC interest-free instalment offers. My approach was to create flexible but consistent badges we could use in various situations. I shared the new assets in an Adobe library and added instructions on our team wiki.

The offer is the primary message

Rectangle logo for more flexibility

Small badge when space is limited

For solid background or white space