Blog design

Sleek and classy lifestyle blog

The objective of this project was to redesign the QVC UK blog to give it a fresh look and align the style with the new QVC branding. I lead this project working with a designer in my team, helping create a more streamlined user journey and designing the screens needed for the launch.

As deadlines were pretty tight for this project, I opted for an MVP approach refocusing on the essential content needed for the launch and developing a sprint methodology to deliver the rest of the features.

Designing a clean and sophisticated lifestyle blog

The direction for this rebranded blog was to make the site clearer using a minimalist approach to refocus the platform on the blog posts and make it more inspirational through the use of big and beautiful lifestyle images. We also decided to make the QVC brand more subtle to give the blog its own identity while still using some of the branding styles.

New interface

Old interface

MVP and mobile-first approach

I've designed the mobile and tablet screens for the launch and then the responsive version for larger screens.

Homepage wireframe

Homepage screenshot

Post page wireframe

Post sample screenshot

Project management and further developments

I've organised the next phases of the project around sprints. I created a new project in Jira to enable us to better track the progress and focus on small and more achievable tasks.

Phase 2 JIRA board