Prize draw website

I recently designed a website with very short deadlines to support the first prize draw initiative for QVC UK. On this project, we collaborated with an external agency specialised in that type of operation. I mapped out the user journey, created the wireframes, the look and feel of the campaign and produced detailed design documentation used by the agency developers.

User journey & wireframes

Customers who had made a purchase at QVC in January 2021 were invited to visit The Great QVC Giveaway website to win products, cash prizes and be entered to the Grand Prize Draw to win £10,000.

I first created the user journey, which helped us understand how the users would interact with the website and what designs the agency needed to develop the platform.

The Great QVC Giveaway screen map

UX documentation

I worked on the UX and UI of the screens and created very detailed documentation using Adobe XD. I also created a quick HTML and CSS prototype to test my concept and to make sure it will make sense for the developers.

One of the main challenges was to keep all the form fields and links above the fold on most devices. Because of technical and legal issues we needed to include quite a few different fields for customers to be able to spin the wheel. I pushed back on adding the field description into the boxes for accessibility reasons and as we finally manage to reduce the number of fields, we could get the best experience on most devices.

Documentation excerpts

Final result

Below is a video of the prize draw experience as well as some screenshots (win and lose screens).

Landing page on larger screens

Website branding

One of this campaign's KPIs was to raise and increase the QVC brand profile across social activities. I came up with a concept using flat lays of gift boxes. I used stock images and changes the ribbon colours in Photoshop to match the QVC colour palette. The idea was to create something flexible that could easily be used on social, TV, and web assets. The logo was created by one of my colleagues who designed an animated version for the website and social assets. Because of license issues, we couldn't use the official QVC fonts. I picked alternative Google fonts.

Gifts and ribbons

Using various stock images, I modified the lighting and colours of each image to match the QVC colour palette.