Fashion digital store

Your Style Guide is a QVC online curated collection of fashion items. The strategy is to promote products that are part of a trend (e.g. colour, print, etc.) to boost seasonal fashion themes alongside the big Fashion campaigns such as Summer and Winter Fashion events.

I designed the digital experience and branding to support the business strategy. I developed a concept that would enable us to efficiently support the two new trends launched each month.


I designed a logo that has been used across all platforms (web, social, marketing, TV). My approach was to create a logo that would be both sophisticated and timeless. I wanted the typefaces to have a fashion magazine feel but also to be approachable and conversational. I designed two versions of the logo for more flexibility.

Digital store concept

The trend pages have three layout options allowing the teams to be more reactive and flexible depending on the trading strategy, content or imagery.

The prefered layout focuses on the versatility of the trends (two ways to wear, special sizes, etc.). The second option helps elevate a specific accessory range or hero product, giving the page a more editorial look. Finally, the third option works as a backup plan when it is not possible to support the two other approaches because of the lack of products or imagery.

Option 1: two shoppable looks

Shoppable looks overlay

Option 2: editorial focus

Option 3: backup plan