Wedding stationery

Over the past few years, I've designed wedding invitations for friends and family. Creating the perfect invitation sometimes can feel as arduous as finding the 'one', but despite being challenging, those projects are always fun and creative! Invites need to feel unique; they are the guests' first impression of the wedding; they help define the look and feel of the whole event!

When working on wedding stationery, the first step is to understand what the brides and grooms want to communicate through their invitations and what themes or ideas they already have in mind for the big day. I then explore how to translate that into the designs, typography and colour palettes. For those projects, I would provide print-ready files and printing options, depending on the budget.

Audrey & Joé

One non-negotiable requirement for this invite project was to use purple. I designed a square invitation paired with menus using purple as an accent colour combined with a sophisticated electric violet envelope.

Claire & Ahmad

Claire and Ahmad first wanted to completely design their invitation themselves to create something very personal full of symbols of their love story. They had plenty of great ideas but got a bit stuck at some point and asked me to help bring their concept to life. They also needed the invite to be in three languages: French, English and Arabic!

Marion & Bruno

Marion and Bruno wanted their wedding invitation to be fun and playful. They also needed to include the programme, directions and an RSVP card. After discussing a few style options, we opted for sweet little doodles to give the guests all the essential information in an entertaining manner.