As a freelancer, I worked on multiple infographic projects for various industries and brands (social media, retail, engineering, etc.). Although each project is unique, those infographics have in common to help comprehend complex information and data through engaging graphics and visuals.

The first step in the creative process is to understand what problems and concepts we want to visually represent and to identify the key data and stats to include in the infographics. Often the client/agency would want to feature too much information. My job would also consist of selecting the information that will help tell the story and make the infographic clear and straightforward.

In the example below, I designed my own set of icons and illustrations for each project to create a more cohesive look.

Infographic for Arup's blog

Benefits and areas of actions to transform cities into walkable smart cities. All icons and illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator.

GE infographic

Social asset published on Linkedin and Facebook. Mix of bespoke vector assets and photography.

LinkedIn infographic

Visual created to celebrate 100 million LinkedIn users in APAC. Mix of bespoke vector assets and photography.

Nominet infographics

Two infographics celebrating Nominet successes and press coverage.

Gemalto infographic

Infographic to demonstrate to business customers the benefits of Gemalto solutions.

Hootsuite infographic

Infographic created for the Hootsuite French blog to explain the benefits of Instagram for businesses.