Ladbrokes team portals

I had the opportunity as a freelancer to work with Ladbrokes, helping two of their teams building internal digital platforms. The first project consisted of designing a site and creating marketing material to promote security awareness to all Ladbrokes employees. I also developed another portal for the Enterprise Architecture team to help them connect better with the rest of the business.

Google Sites was used to create both platforms. Although the CMS capabilities are quite restricted, it was a good solution for the Ladbrokes teams already set up on the Google suite.

Security awareness integrated project

On this project, I worked closely with the Security & Compliance Ladbrokes team to build a clear and practical platform. Once the site maps and content was defined, I worked on the branding and look and feel of the project. The idea was to make security awareness more engaging and fun by creating a mascot and promotional materials such as goodies.

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Portal screens

Communications & merchandising

Enterprise Architecture team site

The objective of this project was to create a platform for the Enterprise Architecture team to communicate about what they do and how they can support other teams at Ladbrokes. Though they are a very technical team, the platform needed to be accessible to the wider business. I helped the team refocus the content on the essential (What, Who, When, etc.) and I created infographics to describe their services in a more user-friendly way.

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Portal screens

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